I thought I was on the road to a hip replacement until I began ortho-bionomy sessions with Dawn Devlin. I can again enjoy walks with the dog on these bush-worn old legs, thanks to her and some specific exercises she recommended. Professional but very personable, Dawn works wonders in a peaceful, relaxing setting. ”    Brian B

Being a trained Registered Nurse I was very skeptical about this form of treatment at first.  The first session I had was for very sore and tight muscles in my neck and shoulders – I was taking pain medication which didn’t do much for any relief of the problem! After one session with Dawn the spasms and tension in my neck and shoulders were much improved. and with repeated sessions I found that there was a longer time frame between flare-ups. Later I had major problems with my feet and one arm- with ongoing sessions I have been able to lead a very active life mainly free of the pain that was being caused by tight and spastic muscles – I even had a broken arm that was not in proper alignment in the cast – the orthopedic surgeon was going to reset it after the next x-ray – Dawn did a session on my arm before the next x-ray and the arm showed to be in proper alignment  when I went back for the x-ray!  I continue to go for sessions regularly and have no hesitation in recommending Dawn as a Practitioner in her specialized field -she has certainly helped  me and I am no longer a skeptic! ”  DF